Natural Breast Care

There are products and protocols for pretty much every part of a woman’s body, inside and out.. except breasts! It’s got to be the missing link in women’s self care..

Even vaginas are getting attention these days with yoni steams, yoni mapping, jade eggs, lubricants.

What is there for breasts!?

This was the dilemma that Sanne Mckenna, founder of Natural Breast Care, faced when she was looking to heal her breast health issues over a decade ago.

“After searching for natural ways to help heal my breasts, and finding nothing, I began researching, talking to specialists, herbalists, Drs, Naturopaths, Aromatherapists, and discovered that there are actually quite a few things that I could do to support my breast health.

Firstly it became apparent that dry skin brushing and massage is of great benefit to support the lymphatic system which is vital for breast health.

Then learning that hormone imbalances can affect breast health, herbs and iodine became an important addition, as did magnesium, as deficiency in this means cells do not operate at their best.

The healing powers of essential oils are well documented, as is mindset, affirmations and positive thinking, we are what we think right!?”

So inspired by this knowledge Sanne created a beautiful breast balm, dry skin brushed all over and massaged her breasts daily, got into a good mindset, loving and caring for her breasts, added herbal teas and more exercise to her lifestyle, and BOOM! Her breast health issues resolved and the journey of Natural Breast Care began.

Sanne and her business partner Elizabeth Freeman have since been working tirelessly for nearly a decade to educate women about the importance of breast CARE whilst creating a range of products to support breast health at all ages and stages of life

“Our mission is to inspire women to move away from fears and taboos around breasts towards really loving and caring for them, to take the health of their breasts into their own hands, to normalise regular breast care, and create a Breast Health category in retail outlets”

The breast cancer research centre of WA states that 70% of women, experience breast pain at some stage in their life, from conditions such as PMT, cysts, fiborcystic breasts, hormone imbalances, lumps, bumps, mastitis, menopause and other serious diseases. Until now there has been very little available to women that can support their wellbeing in this area.

All of our Breast Care products are 100% natural, an important consideration when nurturing this delicate region of the body. We are so proud of the feedback we receive from women all around the world, and we are delighted to introduce you to Natural Breast Care.

Love from Sanne and El

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