get-fit-logo-kate-2016While the weather is still warm across the country many people return to their local swimming pools or favourite lakes, rivers or beaches to cool off, but have you ever thought about learning to swim with correct technique or swimming for fitness?

Swimming has many benefits including:

  • Tones your arms, legs and core
  • Low impact aerobic activity which burns lots of calories
  • Can be a low cost alternative to other sports

Tips for improving your swimming:

  • Contact your local swimming pool, swimming/triathlon/surf lifesaving club to get some advice/tuition on your technique
  • If swimming in open water (ocean, bay, lake, river etc.) always swim with a buddy and watch out for each other
  • Focus on relaxing your breathing and exhaling in the water to reduce anxiety and hyperventilation if you find swimming difficult


Workout schedule

Monday 30min power walk
Tuesday rest day
Wednesday 30min swim focusing on breathing both sides of your body in freestyle
Thursday rest day
Friday 30min run/walk alternating every 1min
Saturday 60min bike ride on road or mountain bike on hilly route
Sunday rest day

Monday 30min swim focusing on long smooth strokes
Tuesday 30min run/walk alternating every 90secs
Wednesday rest day
Thursday 30min swim focusing on high cadence strokes and speed work over short distances (25-50m)
Friday rest day
Saturday rest day
Sunday 60-90min bike ride on road or mountain bike before brekky

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