I have always been and will always be against online programs that everyone can buy from the net. They don’t work and can be quite dangerous without the essential coach-athlete feedback.get fit and mean it logo-new

No feedback means that you don’t really know how the athlete is going with that program…

Are you doing the right program? Are you coaching them the way they need at that time? Are they feeling up to the training? Are they healthy and sleeping well?

I’m against online training program because they don’t give you that constant communication with your coach. A walk in the dark, really! When my coached athletes ask me to do their program for 4 weeks, I’m fully against it because so much can change in that time. I do them weekly so I can make sure that I constantly provide them with a custom & personalized program according to their regular feedback form.

Spend a bit of extra money if you want to take your training to the next level and go to your local running club to get some one on one sessions.

If you want a personalized weekly program, contact me at stephane@geelongperformancecoaching.com.au if you want to hear more about this.

Please do 5 to 10 min easy jog warm up and warm down & keep running every second day only.

If you want to do extra activities in the middle of those two days, pick something like yoga, Pilates, aqua jogging, swimming, walking or riding…

Monday 30min easy aqua jogging at the pool or in the ocean

Wednesday 90min easy jog L1 inc drills & 10x6min as 2min max, 2min steady and 2min easy

Friday 60min easy jog on grass inc 10x50m accel sprint with walk back

Sunday 60min easy on the soft surface please inc 3x5x4200m Max up hill & recover easy down the hill + 5min easy jog between each sets please on the flat only

Tuesday 30min easy aqua jogging at the pool or in the ocean

Thursday easy jog 75min including 10x2min as 45sec max + 15sec steady + 60sec easy

Saturday 90min easy Jog L1 in hills with 5x1000m max on track or in the bush with 400m easy jog. You can also do this by time = 5x4min with 2min easy jog

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