get fit and mean it logo-newHow is your training going? Remember that consistency is your number one priority as an athlete. Why? Most of us have a full time job, a family, hobbies and friends to catch up with. So there is no time for big weeks, training camps or huge amount of training. Better to do three days at 40 minutes per day than two hours on one day and then nothing for two days.

My coached athletes never stop training for that reason but they have many easy active recovery weeks.

Pick a long term goal and resist those excuses you have prepared over the years when it is hard to get out the door. Do something daily please!

Make sure your body is relaxed, hydrated and prepared. I use Cabot Magnesium Complete to help me with this. It even helps me sleep!

Work outs. Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other sports easy on days off. I recommend to do easy swimming or riding on days you are not running…

Mon 30min easy jog on grass + 5x50m sprint with walk back
Wed run 60min easy in hills
Fri 30min easy jog on empty stomach
Sun run 60min on undulated course in 10x3min at 80% x1min easy at 60%
Tue 30min easy jog on grass
Thur run 60min Main is 5x400m hard x200m easy jog L1 (can be done on the track)
Sat 60min easy jog on the flat

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