How is your training going? Summer is fast approaching and it is getting hotter. Watch your hydration closely, drink more water and do not hesitate to put a bit of salt in your food when you sweat a lot. stef-world-champs-s

Magnesium Complete is a must as you will need it to relax your body/ muscles and to rehydrate as magnesium is one of the four electrolytes needed daily in your blood stream…

If you get sore, restless and tingling legs at night time, this might keep you awake as you might be low in magnesium…

You can also help your body fight the free-radicals created by training, pollution, toxins with Selenium which I also take daily. Calcium might be needed as well if you don’t eat many dairy products as it is very important to keep your four electrolytes balanced. Potassium is in many fruits and vegetables and in salmon. Sodium is in many many foods these days but I would recommend adding extra salt during a heat wave or a heavy load of intensity or volume but go for sea salt for the grain size…

Please do 5 to 10 min easy jog warm up and warm down & keep running every second day only.
If you want to do extra activities in the middle of those two days, pick something like yoga, Pilates, aqua jogging, swimming, walking or riding…
Monday 30min easy jog on grass
Wednesday 90min easy on the soft surface please inc 5kms as 200m hard + 200m steady and record your 5kms time
Friday 60min easy jog on grass inc 10x50m accel sprint with walk back
Sunday 90min easy on the soft surface please inc 10x90sec Hill sprint as 30sec Max, 30sec hard and 30sec steady & recover easy down the hill
Tuesday run 60min including 10x45sec accel each 15sec on the grass & recover on the way back
Thursday 30min easy on grass only please
Saturday run 90min in the flat inc 400,600,800,1000,800,600,400 = 90% please & 200m easy jog recovery please

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