How is your training going? I just got back from a 3 week holiday/training camp in Bali and it is the best thing I could have done for my body and motivation. get fit and mean it logo-new

Training in different places and in better weather can really bring the flame back and it surely did that for me.

We covered on average 1km swim, 70kms bike and 10kms running per day and this is very beneficial for our base work. You need a strong base work before you can start the intensity work. Base work is the slow miles that turn your body into a strong, healthy fat burning machine. Intensity is the time trials, the sprint work and the races. If you start too early, that is when burn out and when injuries and constant illness can occur.

Take a step by step approach to your training and build the intensity in slowly so you peak at the right time. I have seen many Kings or Queens of winter fitness and they disappear in the summer, cooked, unmotivated and tired…

When you train hard, make sure your body is relaxed, hydrated and prepared. I use Cabot Health Magnesium Complete to help me with this. It even helps me sleep!

Work outs. Always do at least 10min warm up. Walk if you like. Train every second days but you can do Pilates, yoga and stretching or other sports easy on days off. I recommend to do easy swimming or riding on days you are not running…
Mon 30min easy jog on grass + 5x100m sprint with walk back
Wed run 75min easy in hills
Fri 30min easy jog on empty stomach and on the grass
Sun run 60min on undulated course in 10x4min at 90% x1min easy at 60%
Tue 30min easy jog on grass on empty stomach
Thur run 75min Main is 5x800m hard x200m easy jog L1 (can be done on the track)
Sat 60min easy jog on the flat

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