The power of whey protein

Ageing is inevitable, and has become a cause of concern for a quickly increasing percentage of the population. Diet is a critical component for all healthcare, and one of the best food supplements is whey protein.

From age 50 onwards, muscle mass is lost at a relatively consistent rate of about one to two per cent a year coinciding with a significant increase in body fat. Whey protein is an essential resource in this circumstance.

High levels of branched amino acids in whey protein, especially leucine, initiate the production of skeletal muscle. Whey protein is also a very rich source of bioavailable cysteine. The high cysteine-containing peptides help slow down the age-related deterioration of muscle protein by supporting the down-regulation of urea production, while at the same time stimulating glutathione synthesis. This action supports muscle preservation.

Protein consists of building blocks called amino acids. There are eight essential amino acids that your body needs. We call them essential because your body cannot manufacture them, therefore they must be obtained through your diet. Once inside your body, these amino acids can be reassembled into muscles, organs, nerves, enzymes, neurotransmitters and hormones. Whey protein is considered a complete protein as it contains all eight essential amino acids; this is also called first class protein.

Eating protein makes you feel full. Protein has a two to three times greater satiety value than carbohydrate or fat, so people tend to eat less when they eat more protein. Protein causes the greatest release of a hormone secreted by the gut called PYY. This hormone reduces hunger and also improves your body’s sensitivity to the hormone leptin, which reduces appetite and regulates your body fat stores. Protein has a greater thermic effect than fat or carbohydrate, meaning it requires more energy to be digested than the other nutrients. Research has shown that after a meal, energy expenditure by your body increases zero to three per cent for the metabolism of fat, five to ten percent for carbohydrate and a whooping 20 to 30 per cent for protein!

Syndrome X Slimming Protein Powder (also known as Synd-X powder) contains 96.6% whey protein concentrate and has been especially formulated by Dr Sandra Cabot to help the following:

  • People with diabetes type one and two who are overweight
  • People with insulin resistance (Syndrome X) who are overweight
  • Overweight people who find it difficult to lose weight despite cutting back on calories and increasing their exercise
  • People who are losing muscle as they age

Why does Syndrome X Slimming Protein Powder, work when other protein powders do not?

  1. It is extremely low in carbohydrates being sweetened with only stevia (each 20 gram serving contains only 1.1 gram carbs!)
  2. It is very high in protein (whey plus added amino acids gives 16.2 grams protein per 20 gram serving!)
  3. It contains taurine which supports liver function
  4. It contains glutamine which helps the intestines and reduces cravings
  5. It contains chromium which reduces cravings and insulin resistance

Synd-X Protein Powder Smoothie Ideas

Berry Slimming Smoothie

Place in blender, blend until smooth.

Peach and Nut Smoothie

Place in blender, blend until smooth. Add more water, or a pinch of stevia powder for your desired consistency and sweetness.

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