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Sugar is probably affecting your mood

Sugar is probably affecting your mood By naturopath Margaret Jasinska If your mood has recently been low, have you considered that sugar may be responsible? Most people tend to blame external influences such [...]

Stress can harm your brain and impair your memory

Stress can harm your brain and impair your memory By naturopath Margaret Jasinska Many of our patients complain about having a poor memory. Being young and forgetful doesn’t bother most people, but in older individuals it’s [...]

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What To Do About Gallbladder Polyps

What to do about gallbladder polyps By naturopath Margaret Jasinska Gallbladder polyps are a common finding on abdominal scans. We receive a lot of questions about them from patients. Should you be concerned [...]

Insufficient Sleep Raises Body Fat

Insufficient sleep raises body fat By naturopath Margaret Jasinska Almost everyone has suffered with insufficient sleep or poor quality sleep at some point in their life. Life is busy, and many of you [...]

Solutions For Excess Facial Hair In Women

Solutions for excess facial hair in women By naturopath Margaret Jasinska At our clinics we see a lot of women seeking help for excess facial hair, which they find very annoying and often [...]

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