The benefits of detoxing with a friend

As we steer away from chilly Winter into warm Spring, we begin to realise that we may have over-indulged and under exercised, leaving us feeling sluggish and carrying a little extra weight. This is the perfect time to do a detox program! Why not pick a friend, colleague or loved one to do it with you? Here are some key benefits of doing a detox with someone else.

1. It’s good motivation

It can be difficult to muster up the motivation to commit to a detox program. If you can get a friend on board to do it with you, you will instantly feel more motivated and will be more likely to achieve your goals.

2. You can share tips

When two (or more) of you are doing a detox program you will all discover tips or tricks to make it easier or more enjoyable and you can share them with one another.

3. Holds you accountable

If you have no one to check up on you, it can be all too easy to slack off and stray away from the plan. When you do a detox with someone else, you can check up on each other and make sure that you’re sticking to it.

4. You’re in it together

When you’re the only one doing a detox, it may feel a little isolating, particularly when the offers of Chinese takeout or a night on the drink come flooding in. Doing a detox with someone else means that you can ‘be good’ together and not feel so alone.

5. Share progress

One of the best things about detoxing with a partner in crime is to share your progress! Whilst your other friends might be uninterested in your progress, your detox partner will encourage you.

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