7 terrific benefits of cleansing

By Louise Belle BHSc (Nut Med)

Ever thought about doing a cleanse but weren’t sure how it could help you? These are 7 reasons why you should do a cleanse!

1. Clearer skin

Your skin is not only the largest organ in the body, but is used by the liver as a pathway for removing waste products and toxins from the body. When you have loads of toxins in your body, it can show on your skin in the form of rashes, acne and dryness. Doing a cleanse will help to flush out the toxins and give your skin a nice glow!

2. Less bloating

When your gut is overrun with pathogenic (bad) bacteria and yeast and you’re eating a diet high in inflammatory foods, the gut lining can become inflamed and damaged. This damage creates little holes (leaky gut) where large food particles can escape, leading to bloating. Doing a cleanse will help to soothe, repair and restore balance in the gut, improving overall digestive health.

3. Feel energised

When you do a detox, you remove inflammatory foods from your diet and rid your body of toxins that cause damage to the cells. The mitochondria are the energy producing warehouses of the cells, and if they aren’t functioning properly, you can experience symptoms of fatigue. Cleansing can help to improve the health of the mitochondria, leaving you feeling more energised.

4. Improved focus

If your liver is not functioning optimally and you have candida overgrowth in your bowel, it can cause brain fog. This is due to the toxins building up and the candida fermenting sugars which almost create a ‘drunk’ feeling. Doing a cleanse will weed out candida, boost liver function and leave you feeling more focused than ever before!

5. Improved immunity

When you do a cleanse, you flood your body with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that boost and support the immune system. You remove foods that can compromise the immune system (such as sugar), and get rid of bad bugs that can lead to infection. We could all use a little extra immune support, so this is great!

6. Weight loss

Whilst weight loss is not the main focus of a cleanse, it can definitely be a positive side effect. The liver is the major fat burning organ of the body. If it is inflamed, fatty or not functioning efficiently, fat can begin to creep on. A cleanse will not only support liver function, but will remove processed foods and sugars that contribute to weight gain.

7. Reduced pain and inflammation

There are foods that cause inflammation in the body (such as gluten and sugar) and foods that reduce inflammation (such as fruit and vegetables). Doing a cleanse will remove these inflammatory foods and increase antioxidant-rich foods that calm the inflammation.

The Dr Cabot 15 Day Cleanse is a detox breakthrough! It is a triple strategy program targeting the three main pillars of health – the liver, the gut and the immune system. Formulated by Dr Sandra Cabot, the Dr Cabot Cleanse targets these crucial health areas to help you achieve optimal vitality and overall health. The Cleanse includes three therapeutic powders alongside a healthy, easy to follow meal plan complete with delicious recipes to help you achieve maximum cleansing. For more information visit the website www.drcabotcleanse.com or call 02 4655 8855.

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