5 at-home leg toning exercises

As the days are getting shorter and colder, now is the best time to do at-home workouts in the comfort of your own home in preparation for spring and summer. These 5 leg toning exercises are good beginner exercises but also very effective.

1. Jumping jacks

Back to basics with this one. The basic jumping jack is an excellent all over leg toning workout move that works your quads, glutes and hips.

2. Single-leg deadlift

This move can be done with or without weights and targets all the major muscles such as hamstrings, glutes and even your core. It also improves strength, balance and stability. If you don’t have weights to use you can supplement with cans from your pantry.

3. Side leg raises

This exercise works the outer thighs and glute muscles and can be done lying down or standing up. Working these muscles can improve hip range, improve muscle endurance and improve overall body stabilisation.

4. Step ups

As easy as it sounds, step ups primarily target the thighs and can be done on a bench, chair or steps. Excellent for improving balance and stability, they can be done almost anywhere.

5. Basic squat

Often referred to as the king of all exercises, the squat is one such move that tones your legs, as well as working your abs, butt and thighs. There are so many squat variations but the basic squat needs to be mastered before attempting any variations.

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