You should keep a meal replacement shake in your pantry

By Louise Belle BHSc (Nut Med)

Having a fresh, nutritionally balanced meal three times a day is obviously the ideal situation, but it is not always the most practical. Our busy lifestyles, last minute schedule changes, unexpected circumstances or general poor grocery planning can leave you without the time, or tools to make yourself a healthy meal. It is in these instances that having a meal replacement in your pantry is really handy. Often when people are tight for time and have to rush out the door in a hurry, they grab an apple (or nothing at all), leaving them hungry and lacking the fuel they need to get through the day. It may also mean that later in the afternoon they snack on chocolates or biscuits for an energy boost, which not only spikes blood sugar but can also contribute to weight gain. Our bodies need proper nutrition to give us energy and focus and to support our immune system. When you’re on the go, it can be easy to forget the importance of food, but you will suffer for it later on.

A meal replacement shake is a really simple and convenient way to get a whole meal’s worth of nutrients into your body, in a short amount of time. All you have to do is mix a scoop of powder with some water or milk and there you have it- a meal that will sustain you! You can even scoop some powder into a jar or container and leave it in your desk drawer, or in your car for emergencies.

It is important to pay attention to the labels when buying a meal replacement powder. Many contain poor quality vegetable oils, artificial additives and are high in sugar. QuickLoss meal replacement shake is a good quality meal replacement that contains whey protein from Australian and New Zealand dairy cows, 40-50% of your daily requirement of most vitamins and minerals and is completely free of gluten and artificial additives. Quickloss powder also contains a patented cactus fibre called NeOpuntia which curbs appetite and keeps you fuller for longer.

If you have a busy schedule, do shift work, always on the road, have trouble choosing healthy meal options or struggle with portion sizes, incorporating a good quality meal replacement like Quickloss into your routine could be beneficial – particularly if you’re trying to lose weight. You can use this Quickloss Menu Plan with the Quickloss powder for better weight loss results.

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