Remember –  summer bodies are made in winter!

When the weather is cold and gloomy it’s easy to become complacent or even despondent about your weight. Those fatty bulges and that liver roll are snugly hidden under the bulky, baggy clothes of winter; then when summer arrives you get a shock at how much weight has crept on!

Many people crave hot soups, hot chips and other high carb foods like bread and potatoes during winter and it’s fine to enjoy those things but did you ever think that by just replacing one meal a day with a QuickLoss shake, you can prevent winter weight creeping up? It really can be that easy . . .

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QuickLoss is great because no matter what season of the year it is, it has so many features to help stoke up your metabolism!

Causes of a sluggish metabolism include –

  • Fatty liver – a healthy liver burns fat whereas a fatty liver stores fat
  • Less inclination to exercise when it’s cold.  The less muscle you have on your body, the slower your metabolism
  • Syndrome X – this is a chemical imbalance that makes your body store fat and causes unstable blood sugar levels and strong cravings for carbohydrates
  • Toxic overload – causing your body to store toxins in the fat cells and the liver
  • Fatigue, which depletes our body of the energy to exercise
  • Deficiencies of minerals such as selenium and iodine, which cause a sluggish thyroid gland – the thyroid gland controls the metabolic rate

With all these factors in mind, Dr Cabot formulated QuickLoss Meal Replacement and Diet plan to –

  • Make your weight loss and/or weight maintenance easier and less stressful
  • To provide your body with all the nutrients it needs to function efficiently

You may have found it hard to lose and/or keep weight off because of –

  • The abundance of fast foods high in unhealthy fats and sugar that tempt us
  • The lack of time to prepare healthy meals
  • The lack of motivation you feel when weight loss is too slow
  • Depression, which takes away the motivation to eat well and exercise
  • Lack of support and ongoing professional advice – don’t forget you can phone our Health Advisory Service or email us anytime for help

QuickLoss is a tasty, healthy and nutritious meal replacement powder that will accelerate your weight loss.

When made into a shake, with any unsweetened milk it is designed to make you feel full for longer and reduce appetite.

 Special features of QuickLoss to assist your weight loss –

  • QuickLoss contains added chromium to help metabolism; QuickLoss reduces cravings for high carbohydrate foods
  • QuickLoss contains selenium and iodine – these minerals are needed for efficient thyroid function
  • QuickLoss contains a patented form of cactus fibre known as Neopuntia, which swells in your stomach and helps you to feel full and has the ability to bind with fat in your digestive tract, inhibiting its absorption into your body.  Neopuntia is a proven weight loss ingredient – see
  • QuickLoss contains alginic acid, which swells up in the digestive tract, making you feel full and also absorbing toxins in your gut and taking them out of your body.  Alginic acid is derived from seaweed.
  • QuickLoss is naturally sweetened with fructose, glucose and xylitol.

Our QuickLoss Diet and recipe brochure and meal plan are attached to the tub of QuickLoss.
For more information call one of our weight loss consultants at our Health Advisory Service on 1800 151 052.


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