Toxins and your hair

Holistic trichologist & hairdresser
Marilyn Searle

According to trichologist and holistic hairdresser Marilyn Searle, a person with a high body burden of toxins will often have problems with their hair. This can include brittle hair, hair loss, thinning hair, premature greying and dull hair. Other symptoms can include dandruff, itchy scalp and scalp rashes caused by scalp inflammation.

Most commonly used hair dyes contain significant amounts of potentially toxic chemicals and/or heavy metals. Many shampoos and conditioners contain petrochemicals. The scalp, just like the skin, absorbs most chemicals applied to it and this is why it is important to minimize the use of hair products containing harsh chemicals.

Marilyn advises people on the best organic hair products and natural hair colours to use to protect their hair health and repair damage to the hair follicles.

The perspective of Western medicine is that thinning or unhealthy hair is mainly caused by hormonal changes, natural ageing, nutritional deficiencies, stress and genetic predisposition. These factors are important but it is a sad oversight that most doctors and trichologists do not think about toxic overload, as well as the health of the body’s detoxification organs.

If your liver, spleen, kidneys and lymphatic system are overloaded with toxins this will cause your immune system to produce excess amounts of inflammatory chemicals which can attack the hair follicles. This can also reduce circulation of blood to the scalp. A build up of toxins can trigger autoimmune diseases such as lupus, connective tissue disorders, alopecia and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis etc and these are known causes of hair loss and/or poor hair health.

After many years of research Marilyn has developed a program to detoxify your scalp and hair follicles which addresses the cause of unhealthy hair. She will look at your diet, lifestyle habits and the products you use. Marilyn also uses an ozone sauna in her detoxification programs. Marilyn can be contacted by email at

Marilyn offers a complimentary hair assessment at the Camden clinic to see how she can help you. This is a great opportunity because she is not just a great hair detective she is a fabulous hair dresser!

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