It is quite normal for selenium tablets to have a strong smell.

This is because they are in the organic form of selenium, which is selenomethionine. This contains methionine which is a natural amino acid high in the mineral sulphur. Methionine is found in smelly foods such as eggs, garlic, onions and cruciferous vegetables. Methionine is needed by the liver to detoxify the body and so is selenium.

So do not be alarmed if your selenium tablets smell – they are meant to!

Selenium is a great mineral as it repairs damage to the deepest part of our cells, namely the DNA.

Here is a quote from one of our naturopaths . . .

“Selenomethionine smells very bad. The methionine component smells bad. So the tablets need to be coated, and our tablets are coated.  The odour builds up in the bottle when the lid is closed, to give you a big whiff of it when opened.”

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