I can’t lose weight and I don’t know why

It’s a grim statistic: Most people who go on a diet and lose weight end up regaining that weight within a year. Why does this happen?
There are many reasons why people fail to lose their excess weight with the most common being –

  •  Stress gets in the way
  • They lose their focus
  • They lack self belief – whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right

To overcome these obstacles you need to get the right support and tools from the best people. You will find it difficult to achieve your goal of weight loss by yourself because your own mind will try to sabotage you along the way, especially when stress or fatigue comes along. This is when you need to get help to refocus on yourself. You will need ongoing guidance, support and motivation. My team of Weight Loss Detectives (WLDs) can provide all those things and have been trained by me in my weight loss methods.

Support groups like Over Eaters Anonymous are also extremely valuable if you go to their meetings regularly. This book will give you the right knowledge and tools to be successful and I suggest you use it as your weight loss bible and refer to it regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact my WLDs if you need help with your weight loss. A big reason that people fail to lose weight is that they view a “diet” as a short-term solution and don’t really change their thinking. Our Weight Loss Detective program focuses on REAL sustainable, permanent change. It’s not hype! To sign up to my Weight Loss Detective program head to https://www.sandracabot.com/weight-loss-detective/

About the book 

If you are battling with a weight problem, this book has a strategy that I truly believe can help you for the rest of your life. I have an incredible life that has given me the opportunity to communicate face to face with hundreds of thousands of men and women. Most of these people come to see me looking for help with their weight and hormonal problems. My organisation receives hundreds of emails daily from people all over the world. Some people may find this daunting but I find it fascinating and challenging. This is because my weight loss strategies are able to offer these people a healthy and lasting solution to their problems. These people have tried many different things to overcome their weight problems but find that there are missing parts to the jig saw puzzle, which means that they do not know where to start. They will often relate how they have tried every possible diet on the market and taken every type of diet pill, but still continue to gain weight. They feel extremely frustrated, disappointed and confused. The major obstacle is that they lack a plan or strategy that is tailor made for them, and takes into account all the reasons that prevent them from losing weight. After 40 years of medical research and clinical practice I have been able to focus on the hidden problems that prevent people from losing weight. I have also developed new treatments that can overcome these medical problems safely and naturally. They will work for you, as they scientifically attack the medical problems that cause your metabolism to be abnormal. My approach works on the causes of weight excess, which means that if you can adopt my program as a lifestyle, you will gradually be successful. If you are overweight you need to recognize the underlying problems that are keeping you fat. If you do not understand the enemy you cannot fight the battle and win. The 12-week Metabolic Weight Loss Plan in this book and my team of Weight Loss Detectives provide the best strategy for you to win.

People believe they are fat just because they eat too much, don’t exercise enough or have inherited the wrong genes from their parents. This is a far too simplistic and limited attitude. Indeed these people are very surprised and often relieved to learn that they have several medical problems that may be making them fat.

When a patient with a weight problem consults one of our
Weight Loss Detectives we check –

  • Do they suffer with Syndrome X?
  • Do they have a dysfunctional or fatty liver?
  • Do they have imbalances in their sex hormones?
  • Do they have leptin resistance?
  • Do they have a thyroid gland problem?
  •  Do they have an overload of toxins?
  • Do they have food intolerances and/or food allergies?
  • Do they have the wrong balance of bacteria in their intestines?
  • Do they have fluid retention due to sluggish kidneys?
  • Do they have impaired metabolism?
  • Do they have imbalances in their brain chemicals (neurotransmitters)?
  • Do they have a sleeping disorder?
  • Do they have a negative belief pattern?

Only after all the above factors are taken into account can a tailor made strategy for their own individual weight problem be developed and fine tuned over time. I think this makes a lot of sense, don’t you? I am sure you know people who seem to overeat, but manage to stay slim, and others who seem to eat very little, but remain overweight. This is because body weight and body shape are greatly affected by genetic, metabolic, hormonal and psychological factors, and not just by how much a person eats every day. What we eat is often more important than how much we eat. This is because the molecules in different foods will affect our genes, liver and gut function, and our brain chemistry, and this will impact on metabolism and hormonal balance.

Do not worry – this book takes into account ALL the factors that could be keeping you overweight, it must therefore be complicated; it is not; indeed it will bring you clarity and direction.

It can be so confusing

Thirty years ago when I started writing there was a lack of information regarding nutritional medicine and natural therapies. People were starving for information especially about natural therapies, diet and hormones. Today the opposite has happened and people suffer with information overload. Yes there are too many diets, so many supplements and so many philosophies, and in one lifetime you cannot possibly do them all! Furthermore, you cannot try all these things successfully without some form of long term support and direction.

You need to know is what is right for you as an individual

You need to know in your particular case, if there are specific medical problems that are keeping you fat. That is why I have developed The Weight Loss Detective Program where all these factors can be addressed. My team of Weight Loss Detectives are dedicated to your success. Several years ago I read with amusement, an article published in a medical journal titled Cardiologist’s Fat Fight. It described the extreme clashing of expert opinions at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology. Supporters of the official low fat approach argued with opponents who believed it was excess carbohydrates and not fat that caused weight excess. The main opponents were the late cardiologist Dr Robert Atkins, and cardiologist Dr Dean Ornish who had totally opposite views on the best diet to prevent obesity caused by Syndrome X. Dr Atkins promoted his low-carbohydrate, high-fat, high-protein diet, while Dr Ornish promoted a rigorous vegetarian diet low in fat and high in complex carbohydrates. If the experts have totally different approaches and cannot agree, then who can?
I believe that the types of food we eat on a regular basis are crucial to our health and weight control success, and in most of my patients I need to make dietary changes. I find that it is extremely rare to find someone who has a perfect diet, especially bearing in mind that this means different things to different people, including the experts! It is true that when we look around, people are generally eating less fat and more carbohydrates, and yet they are getting fatter! Indeed some experts believe that a high carbohydrate, low-fat diet can be dangerous to your health and lead to obesity and diabetes. But I have also found that it is not the diet alone that needs to be considered, but the individual problems that may be sabotaging your best efforts at following a healthy diet, no matter whose diet you follow. Yes we need to look a little deeper into our health in much the same way as a detective would solve a mysterious case. Let us find the missing pieces of the jig saw puzzle so that we can see the overall picture and begin the holistic approach that leaves no stone unturned. Only then are our chances of success very high.

The missing parts to the jig saw puzzle include –

  • Syndrome X which is also known as the metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance
  •  Leptin resistance – leptin is a hormone that regulates hunger
  • Fatty liver or sluggish liver function
  • Imbalances in the sex hormones
  • Excess cortisol levels caused by stress – cortisol is an adrenal hormone
  • Thyroid gland problems such as thyroid resistance and low levels of the thyroid hormone called T3
  • Our genes – this is our unique DNA which we inherit from both parents
  • Body toxicity and excess inflammation
  • Gut problems such as unhealthy bacteria in the intestines
  • Food intolerances and food allergies
  • Fluid retention
  • A sluggish metabolism
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain’s neuro-transmitters, especially low dopamine
  • A negative self belief pattern

So stay with me and allow me to help you solve your own jigsaw puzzle. Get your copy of ‘I Can’t Lose Weight!.. and I Don’t Know Why’ and embark on the 12 week metabolic weight loss program. If you want one on one support, you can join our Weight Loss Detective program and we will guide you every step of the way.

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