When we are craving sugar – what our bodies are really telling us, is that it’s craving a nutrient and this can be fulfilled in many different ways other than carb-rich treats.  

Sugar – they call it white death! Life is better and, dare I say longer, when sugar is removed from your diet.

Sugar leaves you feeling lethargic and overburdens your liver with the inevitable development of fatty liver.  Eating sugar causes blood sugar imbalances, inflames the digestive tract causing leaky gut (literally, a perforated gut lining), it increases your chances of insulin resistance, which metabolically waltzes you right into the global health crisis called Type 2 Diabetes.  Oh, and it makes your belly fat and floppy – which by the way, is no way to win the ladies – or the fellas! I should mention the other minor inconvenience that belly fat can lead you to – heart disease, yes, heart disease can be quite in convenient when it wants to be.  All from lil old sugar!

You have been reading it everywhere – if you are reading the right blogs, hearing Nutritionists bang on about it – if they are good ones – and these days you can find countless books about it – the benefits of a sugar free diet.

So you have decided to give the “sugar free” lifestyle a go? Well, way to go . . . it is the way to go and I congratulate you on your conscious health choice.  It will always astound me how some people just don’t value the fragility of life or the ability to live a longer life by eating a well balanced diet full of nutritious rich whole foods. However, I have come to realise that most people are only seeing what is in our supermarkets as food choices – now it’s not that they are ignorant, they are simply not aware of the other foods choices that are available to them outside of a multinational, money-driven, consumer-caring-less supermarket.

When you tell someone that white bread and gluten products absolutely flick the switch of auto immune disease on within their bodies, that margarine is really just a grey impersonator of butter that is coloured yellow back in the factory so it looks like butter and that Aspartame in drinks (also known by its chemical # of 951) is a neurotoxin that kills brains cells so effectively it is now illegal to add into foods or drinks in the U.S – although it did take a few millions of dollars worth of lawsuits won by the public suffering its debilitating neurological effects before the U.S decided to pull it from the shelves.  As a side note- Aspartame is not illegal in Australia- you will still find it in a lot of products, but the labelling system in Australia is really …well, I will say it is getting better- I won’t say the labels are misleading to the consumer telling only the part truth – because labels are getting better. However, just be aware that here in Australia, you most probably won’t find the word Aspartame on a label any more – you will see its proper chemical name (because Aspartame is a chemical made by Monsanto) you will see this chemical name of 951 on labels – I mean why put Aspartame on labels when people are starting to become aware of its brain toxic effects,… heaven forbid- that might drop sales!

Ok – so I put this all into consideration when thinking about those that chose not to eat whole foods, that choose to continue eating white bread, that can’t be bothered to cook at home.  I think about the plethora of other nutritional horrors that the regular consumer doesn’t know about and I find understanding for those that continue to wake up to Weetbix or eat bread every day, and just hope that when they develop their 21st century disease of the western world that they will head to a Nutritionist – a whole foods Nutritionist – not a dietician and will want to know more about the fuel they are putting into their body.

Back to the specific topic at hand- sugar, (those that know me know I love a good tangent and back again 😉

So, you have given it up – no grains, no pasta, no biscuits, no lollies, no table sugar, no honey and you’re feeling good – but there is just one thing – whenever you eat dinner, you don’t feel complete without some bread and butter (please don’t use the margarine) or perhaps dinner is done and dusted and you find yourself full – yet not quite satisfied.Perhaps you can’t have your bacon and eggs – which is a great breakfast choice mind you – without a few slices of toast – and, god forbid, you attempted a coffee without sugar – if that is yoy, then my friend, you are experiencing  a sugar craving!  This is your indication of Insulin resistance and elevated sugar levels.  So what can you do to stop this and stop these sweet cravings pronto?

Talk to your nutritionist about supplementing with the right minerals, foods, herbs  and amino acids  that will control those cravings and have you on your way to a svelte new you – with mentally clarity you will not believe until you try it!

Can’t get to a Nutritionist? Can’t get to me? Well, I want to help you live the best you can be anyway –  I have provided you with a short list of things you should keep in mind. Check out this list of foods you will crave when coming off sugar.  Be aware of what you are craving and give your body what it is asking for.
Do you need help losing weight? Want to learn the tricks to your metabolism that can end your struggle with weight gain?  If you would like any dietary or nutritional assistance, please contact Kylie at kyliem@www.cabothealth.com.au

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