A letter to the editor of the Naracoorte Herald

“Healthy Vital Living”

An evening with Dr Sandra Cabot – thank you for the Community Spirited support.

I was absolutely stunned at the fantastic energised atmosphere at the seminar and the amount of people thinking about their health and how to look deeper as to why health issues are happening = “What is the root cause?”.   Congratulations to the men that came I wish everyone better health.

The stillness within the crowd, showing an intense interest in the incredible information of how we can take better care of our bodies and have better health. I am thrilled that these people are pro-actively thinking of their own health and our seminar could hopefully help them.

Dr Sandra Cabot, Cabot Health and I thank the participants for coming and all supporting Dr Sandra Cabot’s generosity of donating ticket sales – her nights income to the CT Scan Trust.
We wish the CT Scan Trust the very best in managing this huge venture and we are pleased to part of it.

I personally found it extremely rewarding to hear and see so many people enjoying the evening, learning and enquiring even more information to help themselves after the seminar finished.

Now I must sincerely acknowledge some extremely Community Spirited Supporters with this event:-

Thank you to Dr Cabot, her assisting Naturopath, Victoria, John for selling Dr Cabot’s informative health books, which are easy to read and understand.

To Cabot Health seminar co-ordinator in Sydney – Jacqui Comley, you are magical and I’ve learnt many tips thank you. Also to other Cabot Health staff, thank you.

I must thank David & Gillian and Staff at Kincraig Pharmacy, Pam at Magic Earth Health Foods, both selling tickets and their support, William MacIntosh Motor Lodge – Brenton & Kemelee  for your incredible sharing by donating one of the two rooms to support the CT Scan and Dr Cabot & team.

Thank you – The Veg Shed – Judy, Joan, Mark & Team – a delightful healthy fruit and veggie display out the front  on the stage and  Kester’s Apples for donating those absolutely delicious apples which people really enjoyed. Naracoorte Lucindale Council Town Hall manager Nigel; magical to work with you, thank you.

Naracoorte Visitor Information Centre & Sheep’s Back Museum – Vicki – thank you.  To Lee at the Naracoorte Herald incredible work in supporting the event and after the event. Naracoorte Area Health Advisory Trust supporting helpers – Barrie & Viv, Ron and CT Trust team.  Local radio stations, local community members for displaying/emailing/face book exposure of the event and coming to hear Dr Cabot speak.  To outer towns of Naracoorte I thank those people for displaying flyers and emailing/face book exposure out further to more people. Thank you to my husband and friends for their support – valued help and  I appreciated everyone’s Community Spirited attitudes for this Community Health Event.

Thank you to anyone I may have not mentioned and I should have, please forgive me if this has happened as this was a huge job co-ordinating such an event but we all supported a worthy Community/Regional cause, the CT Scan for Naracoorte.

Heartfelt thanks,

Gladys Foster.

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