Do you suffer with chronic and unresolved health problems?

If you suffer with chronic and unresolved health problems, you need to see a professional naturopath who can look deeper into the cause of your problems by looking at your blood cells live. That is why the Dr Sandra Cabot Holistic Clinic provides the service of Live Blood Cell Analysis, which is done by our specialised naturopath Victoria Taylor. Victoria Taylor has been looking down microscopes since the early 1970s and has worked in microbiology at both state government and university levels. Victoria is also an excellent gardener and grows many therapeutic and delicious goodies, which Dr Cabot’s team all enjoy!

Victoria Taylor – Bachelor Health Sciences in naturopathy

What is Live Blood Cell Analysis?

Live Blood Cell Analysis (LBA) is the analysis of living blood under an extremely powerful dark field microscope connected to a camera.

Stress and disease often appear in the blood many years before they manifest as symptoms and signs in the body. Deep infections in the blood can be seen with micro-organisms such as mycoplasma and candida etc., and you may not have a clue that you have these hiding in your blood and draining your energy.

Live blood cell analysis testing enables us to see these early signs in your blood

We see your blood cells exactly as they function inside your body. This enables us to see problems at a deeper level giving a clear picture of your cellular health and immune system.

What does Victoria Taylor do during the LBA test?

One drop of capillary blood is obtained from your fingertip using a tiny sterile lancet. This is then placed on a slide covered with a cover slip to protect it from the air. Your blood is then examined immediately under a very high powered microscope (magnified 1,000 times) and the results displayed on camera, enabling you to view your live blood. In this state we can see your blood cells still interacting and moving around on a video screen. The test takes approximately 30 minutes.

The results are instant; there is no waiting around and the patient gets to participate and understand what is happening inside their own bodies.

LBA is not fully diagnostic, i.e. it is not able to diagnose specific illnesses. No medical test by itself is usually considered diagnostic without supporting tests and/or imaging studies or a physical examination.

How does LBA differ from a regular blood test?

  • Regular Blood Tests
    These require inserting a needle into the patient’s arm and extracting a syringe full of blood which is then sent to a pathology laboratory. This blood will be tested by machines and if an abnormality is found a specialist doctor called a haematologist will look at it. Unfortunately 30 to 40 minutes after the blood is removed from your vein the blood cells die, so the machine or the haematologist is only counting dead blood cells. The true nature of the blood is also changed through the addition of stains and dyes required for the tests.
  • Live Blood Analysis (LBA)
    LBA is a qualitative analysis of your blood, as it looks at the quality, shape, size, colour and morphology of your blood cells while they are still alive.
    In contrast to a LBA, a conventional blood test cannot tell whether or not the white blood cells (which are an important part of your immune system) are functioning correctly.
    Live blood analysis gives you the ability to see immune system activity that would be missed by conventional blood tests. LBA often detects yeast, fungi, bacteria, mycotoxins, sugar imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation and allergies in your blood. It can also tell if your blood is too acid and then Victoria can provide you with simple strategies to alkalinize your body.
    Live blood analysis is the only way to see how your blood actually behaves inside your veins.

How should healthy blood cells look?

When blood is correctly acid-base balanced, the red blood cells are loose and flow freely. They are mainly round in shape (not oval, oblong, jagged or varying in size) and the background plasma in which the red cells are suspended is clear from floating matter such as bacteria and candida, etc. The white blood cells (neutrophils and lymphocytes) should be around twice as large as the red blood cells. There is around one white blood cell for every 700 to 900 red blood cells. White blood cells are many different shapes, but should have a crisp, clean border and very active and large movements.

What problems can LBA help you with?

Weight excess

Weight loss is one of the most important things that live blood cell analysis can help you with. In many overweight persons we find excess acidity in the blood.

Whenever acidic toxic foods or chemicals (especially sugar or petrochemicals) are ingested or inhaled, the body will attempt to store these toxins in fat cells as a protective mechanism; this causes weight gain and slows down metabolism and commonly leads to cellulite.

Victoria Taylor can teach you how to alkalinize to restore a faster metabolism.


Fatigue is insidious and can manifest as tiredness, stress, exhaustion, lethargy, insomnia, poor memory, depression, moodiness, lack of mental clarity or chronic fatigue.

Fatigue is probably the major symptom of an overly acidic, toxic and/or inflamed body. This will show up in your LBA.

 Hidden infections and immune problems

Candida also known as ‘Candida albicans’ is a yeast-like fungus that infects many people. Candida can cause recurring thrush (itchy white vaginal discharge), allergies, sinusitis, recurring cystitis, abdominal bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, huge sugar cravings, skin rashes, anal itch, anal discharge and rash and much more.  There are so many symptoms that can be caused by or associated with Candida overgrowth; thus it is not possible to self diagnose the condition.  It is also often not something that a conventional doctor or GP will be able to detect either.

LBA allows you and Victoria to actually see if you have yeast or other unhealthy micro-organisms in your blood plasma. These can be treated with natural antibiotic herbs and foods and this is more effective than using antibiotics or strong anti-fungal drugs and is also much safer.

Other health problems

Other health conditions can be helped by having a LBA with Victoria Taylor. For more information, call Victoria Taylor on 02 4655 4666 or email her at

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