by Victoria Taylor, B. H. Sc. (Naturopathy)

Most species of aloe are easy to grow and are useful for both internal and external use.

Plants attain their medicinal value after three years so it is best to buy a mature plant.

Unflavoured aloe juice is available commercially but it is so easy to produce the product yourself with a kitchen blender.

Make your own Aloe Juice

To make your own gel (juice) simply take approximately 1/3 of a mature leaf and wash it to remove dust and pollution.

Remove the spines from the side of the leaf and cut it into smaller chunks and blend in your blender/food processor.

When completely liquidised add it to your fresh low sugar vegetable juice and enjoy.
Aloe Vera gel alkalises the body. It calms and heals the intestines – providing relief for many intestinal problems. Aloe Vera inhibits the growth of bad bacteria and yeasts, and is a valuable prebiotic for beneficial bacteria.

Young Aloe Vera Barbadenis plants have opposing leaves, giving an almost flat appearance. As the plant matures it assumes a more rounded leaf pattern and flowers after two to three years.

Rarely, some people can be allergic to Aloe Vera so if you are a very allergic person, it is best to start with a small dose.


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