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At Cabot Health, we are committed to making you the healthiest version of yourself. We are passionate about all things health, and we strive to spread the health bug to as many people as we can. This is why we continue to produce high quality nutritional and herbal supplements- to enable you to achieve optimal health.

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Top Sellers

LivaTone Plus 240 Capsules

The benefits of LivaTone Plus:

  • Supports natural liver detoxification
  • Relieves abdominal bloating
  • Promotes healthy gallbladder function
  • Price : $59.95

    Collagen Food (MSM + Vit C + Silica) 200g

    The benefits of Collagen Food:

  • Healthy hair, skin and nails
  • Reduced pain and inflammation
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Price : $33.95

    BactoClear 90 Capsules

    BactoClear may help with:

  • Medically diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Maintaining healthy sinuses
  • Relief from mild upper respiratory tract congestion
  • Price : $42.95

    Dr Cabot Cleanse

    The Dr Cabot Cleanse is a 15-day detox plan that will help you regain control of your health. This detox program improves the health of your cells and strengthens the immune system.

    Price : $99.00