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About Us


Cabot Health is a part of the Australian company Health Direction which was founded over 20 years ago.
Our philosophy and ideals are based in science, clinical research and keeping up to date with the rapidly evolving breakthroughs in modern medicine

Since the 80’s Cabot Health has provided a free national Health Advisory Service to Australians, so we have many years of experience in helping people to restore their health.

Cabot Health believes that to be truly healthy you must have understanding, motivation and support and that is why we continue to provide our free Health Advisory Service and to publish books and newsletters.  This type of knowledge is priceless and can really change a person’s life.  Your greatest asset is your health and we can help you nurture it.

Our holistic philosophy looks at all the causes of your health problems, and we know that best results are achieved by combining nutritional medicine with modern day technology and pharmaceuticals.

Cabot Health manufactures its health products in Australia to support Australian manufacturing and also because this country has the highest manufacturing standards in the world.  The quality of Cabot Health products is exemplary and our manufacturing standards are equal to those for medically prescribed drugs.  Our passion is to help people achieve their optimal health potential

Our In-House Naturopthy Team

Margaret Jasinska, Naturopath

margaret Jasinska

Margaret Jasinska is a Naturopath with more than sixteen years of clinical experience.

Margaret has co-authored seven books with Dr Cabot, and she divides her time between seeing patients at Dr Cabot’s clinic, writing and researching new developments in health and medicine.

Margaret’s main areas of interest are digestive, thyroid and immune system disorders, particularly autoimmune disease.
Margaret is a Coeliac with a strong family history of autoimmune disease, and these factors are what inspired her to become a Naturopath.

Margaret greatly enjoys empowering individuals to improve their health by giving them the tools and knowledge to lead healthier lives.  Health and wellness is such a great passion and hobby of hers, she practices what she preaches, so much so that her two dogs, Henry and Dayna, are both on a gluten and dairy-free diet!

Victoria Taylor, B. H. Sc. (Naturopathy)

victoria taylorVictoria is a very experienced Naturopath with a special interest in Bioidentical Hormones for women (hormones identical, in molecular structure, to the hormones made in women’s bodies).  Working closely with Dr Cabot, she is able to assist many women who are struggling with menopausal problems.

Victoria has experience and strong interest in digestive disorders, hormonal imbalance (both female and male), weight loss, detox and autoimmune conditions; specialising in well-being and healthy ageing strategies, child health, acute chronic conditions, detoxification and Live Blood Analysis (LBA)/VLA.

An expert gardener, Victoria teaches others how to grow herbs and vegetables, and how to ferment foods to create and restore healthy bacterial populations in the intestine.  Victoria’s motto is “good health begins in the gut!”