7 signs that you need to do a cleanse

By Louise Belle BHSc (Nut Med)

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with toxins from every angle, in the form of processed foods, car fumes, plastics, pesticides, chemicals in cleaning or personal care products and so on, it’s important to be mindful of our health. These toxins place immense strain on the detoxification organs of the body to try and filter them out, and they can often end up stored deep in fat and muscle tissue, causing damage to body cells. When your body is overloaded with toxins, this will appear in many different ways. Here are 7 signs that your body is in major need of a cleanse:

1. You are tired all the time

Do you find that you struggle to get up in the morning, or that your energy dwindles throughout the day no matter how much sleep you’ve had? Tiredness (or fatigue) is a sign that your body systems are not functioning optimally. Your liver plays a major role in the conversion of dietary carbohydrates into energy production. When the liver is sluggish, energy production can slow down. Poor gut health can also cause fatigue due to poor nutrient absorption (leading to nutrient deficiencies) and toxic build up causing damage to the cells of the body and affecting energy production in the mitochondria (energy warehouses of cells). A cleanse will help to flush out the toxins and reset your system.

2. You are carrying excess weight

Your liver is the major fat burning organ of your body. When your liver is overloaded with an abundance of toxins, it can become damaged, inflamed or fatty, and as a result, it doesn’t work as efficiently. Your liver stops burning fat and starts to store it instead. There is a slippery slope from here, further increasing the risk of a fatty liver and high cholesterol levels. Doing a cleanse will help to re-boost the system, supporting and strengthening your liver function to optimise fat burning.

3. You are regularly bloated

Many people suffer from regular bloating and either ignore it or accept it as normal. Bloating is not normal and is a sign that your gut is out of balance. Antibiotics, alcohol, processed foods, pathogenic bacteria, medication and environmental toxins can cause damage or inflammation to the gut lining, and an imbalance of bad bacteria or candida overgrowth. This can cause fermentation to occur, and can affect the transit time of removing waste products via the bowel. Cleansing your body and your gut specifically will help to wipe out the bad bacteria, repair your gut lining and reduce bloating and associated digestive complaints, such as reflux or constipation.

4. You have bad body odour

The skin is the largest organ and is used to release toxins from the body in the form of sweat. The more toxic build up you have in your body, the more toxins that need removing and the more likely you are to get body odour (B.O). As they say “you are what you eat” and if you are eating terribly, your sweat will represent this. If you are eating healthy, exercising and generally non-toxic, your sweat shouldn’t really have a pungent smell. Constipation can also lead to B.O. This is due to the fact that the waste matter (your poop) is sitting in the colon for too long, and the walls of the bowel reabsorb the toxins into your blood stream. Doing a cleanse and taking Fibretone will help to get your bowels moving, improve your liver detoxification pathways and decrease the likelihood of B.O.

5. You have brain fog

Brain fog is often overlooked, but can be a sign that you’re out of balance. Candida overgrowth in the gut can lead to brain fog as it ferments the undigested food in the digestive tract and actually produces alcohol- making you a little drunk. It is also a sign that your liver is not functioning adequately. Your liver is the major blood cleanser, removing toxins from your blood stream. If your liver is not working efficiently, more toxins will float around in your blood stream and can affect your brain function. A cleanse can give your liver a kick-start and weed out the candida overgrowth in your gut.

6. You have breakouts or eczema

The appearance of your skin is a major indicator of what is going on inside your body. If you have regular breakouts, boils or suffer from eczema you could be in major need of a cleanse. The skin is one of 3 pathways that your liver uses to get rid of toxins from the body, with toxic build-up often appearing on the skin. If you have gut permeability (leaky gut) or dysbiosis (too many bad bacteria), toxins are released into the blood stream, altering the health of the skin. Repairing the gut and improving liver function through a cleanse can really help to improve your skin health.

7. You get sick all the time

Did you know that about 80% of your immune system resides in your gut? That’s right. An unhealthy gut = a poor immune system. Your gut microbiome is basically a city of thriving probiotic bacteria that strengthen your immune system and stop bad bacteria from taking over. Antibiotic use, alcohol, drugs, food and environmental toxins can cause an overgrowth of pathogenic (bad) bacteria to take over. Doing a cleanse will help to wipe out the bad bacteria, strengthen the good bacteria, reduce inflammation and acidity in your body, boost your antioxidant profile and improve your overall immune system.

The Dr Cabot Cleanse is a 15 day program that targets your liver, gut and immune system for a total body cleanse. It consists of three powders to take daily along side a healthy meal plan to support the detoxification pathways of the liver, reduce inflammation and acidity in the body and to heal the gut and improve overall digestion.

Also see Dr Cabot’s books “Raw Juicing Can Save Your Life“, “The Liver Cleansing Diet” and “Healthy Bowel, Healthy Body“.

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