5 tips for increased energy

By Jessah Shaw, Adv Dip (Nut Med)

More than ever we are seeing an increasing number of people with low energy and reasons for this can vary for each individual. Many people experience this due to excessive stress, a nutrient deficient diet, an overworked liver, lack of exercise and other reasons. Keep reading to discover 5 tips that can boost your energy levels:

1) Drink more water

So simple, yet effective. The majority of individuals are chronically dehydrated which can make you feel fatigued, contribute to constipation and also weight gain as many individuals mistake being thirsty for being hungry and eat more when they should be reaching for their water bottle. We recommend drinking a minimum of 2L of water every day. Invest in a good quality drink bottle and get into the habit of carrying it with you everywhere you go. Herbal teas also contribute to water content.

2) Get enough sleep

Quality sleep is important for several reasons and if you aren’t having sufficient or quality sleep you can experience a myriad of symptoms such as poor mood, weight gain, low energy, and brain fog. See this article for tips for better sleep hygiene. You may benefit from trying our magnesium powder which supports muscle relaxation, relieves sleeplessness and reduces restless sleep.

3) Meditate

The term “meditation” encompasses a large number of diverse techniques such as contemplation, concentration, use of nature sounds such as the ocean, guided meditation, meditative movement exercises such as Yoga and Tai Chi and breathing exercises. The true purpose of meditation is to calm and focus the mind, bringing awareness to the present moment. During the process of meditation, accumulated stresses are removed, energy is increased, and health is positively affected overall. If you are someone who is crunched for time, there are ample guided meditations available on YouTube or Spotify which go for as little as 5 minutes.

4) Increase exercise

Not only is exercise good for weight loss, boosting mood, regulating blood sugar levels, reducing cholesterol, and promoting healthy sleep, but unsurprisingly it has also been shown to increase energy levels. Regular exercise has been shown to play a significant role in increasing energy levels and reducing fatigue. Good forms of exercise include running, lifting weights, swimming, dancing or even going for a walk around the block. L-glutamine is a natural amino acid that when taken around the time of exercise may help to fuel the muscle cells to reduce muscle fatigue and could improve muscle recovery. Glutamine Pure may help those who exercise regularly to boost performance. Our new Ultimate Muscle Food powder combines glutamine with branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and Beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate (HMB) to support muscle mass and recovery.

5) Consume more good fats

Healthy fats to include more of in your diet are found in avocados, extra virgin olive oil, macadamia nut oil, oily fish, organic coconut oil, flaxseeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds, pastured butter and ghee, animal fats, and raw nuts and seeds. Quality fats are good for the brain, hormonal system, nervous system, and liver and if you are lacking in these vital nutrients, you will feel tired, moody and have a sluggish metabolism. This will also make it harder for you to lose weight.

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