5 reasons you should use a superfood powder!

By Louise Belle BHSc (Nut Med)

As we stroll the aisles of a health food store, we are bombarded with all these different containers and packets of superfoods, greens, proteins and so forth. It can get very confusing, and you may be left wondering ‘should I be taking one of these?’. Superfoods have been given loads of attention from the media, health bloggers and nutrition experts with some people claiming that superfoods will be the game changer to improve your health, while others claim that ‘superfood’ is just a buzz word. Here are some reasons why superfoods are beneficial and why you should incorporate them into your daily routine.

1. No one has a perfect diet

It is true! No one has a perfect diet. We are busy, stressed, time poor, on a budget and life can get in the way of preparing perfectly balanced, healthy meals every single day. We have great intentions but can fail to hit the mark every time. A superfood powder is a great addition to a healthy diet, to provide extra nutritional support.

2. Low nutrients in food

Unfortunately, the food we eat these days doesn’t pack as much of a nutrient punch as we would like. Our fresh produce is grown in nutrient depleted soils, then transported and kept in storage for months at a time. The food we buy is heavily processed and barely resembles its original form or nutrient content. So as a result, we are obtaining less nutrients in our diet and our health is suffering as a result.

3. Immune support

Superfoods such as Kakadu plum and acai berry are rich sources of vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and helps to ward off infection. Bromelain and papain decrease congestion and support healthy sinuses. Adding superfoods into your routine can give your immune system a good boost to keep you healthy. They are particularly beneficial during flu season, when germs spread like wild fire.

4. Reduced inflammation

Superfoods are typically rich in antioxidants which are vital for reducing inflammation in the body. Inflammation is the root cause of pain disorders such as arthritis, can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and interferes with nutrient absorption in the gut. Greens powders are also very alkalinising, which means that they reduce acidity in the body and optimise cell health.

5. Liver support

Your liver filters toxins and waste products from the blood stream, is responsible for fat metabolism, manufactures hormones, regulates blood sugar and stores essential vitamins and minerals. Superfoods such as broccoli powder, dandelion, St Marys thistle and those rich in antioxidants protect, heal and support the liver in functioning optimally.

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