Looking for a chemical-free way to colour my hair

Dear Marilyn

I live in a mindful way, using only natural chemical free products in my home and eat mainly organic foods and some red meat. I work in the fitness industry and my appearance is important to me. I am only 36 years old and have grey hair all around my hairline. I have been plucking it out but now there are too many grey hairs. I do not want to use chemicals in my hair and I am looking for a so called chemical free way to colour my hair. What do you suggest?

Hi Skye

I am pleased to hear you are conscious of your physical health, but the hair plucking has to stop. I know it is the first thing you see in the mirror in the morning but as it grows back it will still be grey and will look like stubble. The good news is that there are some wonderful natural hair colours available by tried and tested companies with measurable data on their ingredients. At Salon Medica, one of the colour ranges offered is Natulique from Denmark. I have used this range since it was available in Australia around 7 years ago. It is as close as you can get for a low toxin permanent hair colour experience available on the current market.

I invite you for a Zoom or FaceTime call so I can create a correct colour selection match for you.

For more information, write to me at  marilyns@cabotclinics.com.au

Holistic trichologist
& hairdresser Marilyn Searle

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