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Introducing . . . the 2014 Australian Champion Introducing . . . the 2014 Australian Champion

For quite a while now, we have been lucky to have a really great guy writing our Fitness Blog. His name is Stephane Vander Bruggen and he is a triathlete. And not just any triathlete (although, in saying that, any triathlete is pretty awesome considering the gruelling discipline they have chosen) - he is the current Australian Champion in OD Mens 35-39 and has been a World Champion in his discipline. He is in fine form to take the gold again this year at the World Championships in China. Stephane loves Cabot Health products - and, in particular, our Magnesium Ultra Potent. Lucky for us! Continue reading →

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Eat more to control your sugar cravings! Yes - more! Eat more to control your sugar cravings! Yes - more!

When we are craving sugar - what our bodies are really telling us, is that it’s craving a nutrient and this can be fulfilled in many different ways other than carb-rich treats. Sugar - they call it white death! Life is better and, dare I say longer, when sugar is removed from your diet. Continue reading →


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I lost 23 kilos! I lost 23 kilos!

I was a size 22 and wanted to lose weight and get healthier so I went on the QuickLoss program - and I lost 23 kilos! My energy level went up and this allowed me to add walking into my daily program. The QuickLoss meal replacement shake was satisfying and I wasn't hungry. I replaced two meals each day with these delicious shakes. Continue reading →