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  • Low vitamin D may impair your fertility

    Low vitamin D may impair your fertility

    Did you know that having suboptimal levels of vitamin D in your bloodstream may: Reduce your ability to ovulate Reduce your chances at IVF success Women with good levels of vitamin D in their blood have better quality embryos and ... Read More »
  • Breast Examination

    Breast Examination

    For women of all ages, the breast self-exam is a useful tool that is easily learned. Something to remember is that you know more about how your breasts should look and feel than anyone else so please pay attention to ... Read More »
  • Chicken, Leek and Garlic Soup

    Chicken, Leek and Garlic Soup

    “Why is chicken soup superior to all the things we have, even more relaxing than Tylenol? It is because chicken soup has a natural ingredient which feeds, repairs, and calms the mucous lining in the small intestine. This inner lining ... Read More »
  • Triple World Champ!

    Triple World Champ!

    I started triathlon in Brussels back in 1988 inspired to beat my parents who both were good Triatheletes. I got the bug straight away and gave up Scouts and basketball to allow myself more time to train. I was part ... Read More »
  • Boost your mood!

    Boost your mood!

    Feeling a little blue? Let’s not call it depressed because it’s probably just a little bit of life having its way with you. You’ll be back – and back more positive and happier than ever! You just need to ride ... Read More »
  • Keeping up with technology . . .

    Keeping up with technology . . .

    Recently, I read an article where it was recommended that handheld devices such as smart phones or tablets should be banned for use by children. This article made some salient points such as: Sitting and playing games on handheld devices ... Read More »